2022 trends in digital marketing

it is time to sit down and look at what will be the trends for this year 2022 in terms of digital marketing. On the program: influence communication, TikToks, CRM and SEO!

Influence communication: social networks are still at the top

The latter has a very special interpersonal relationship with their communities, not quite social, but not quite vertical either.

The TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts Tsunami: Digital Marketing Needs to Prepare

It’s been at least two years since TikTok invaded our phones, with a not new operation but which tends to settle: videos of less than a minute. There are all kinds: humorous, informative, musical, etc. These videos, we see them appear on all social networks now: Instagram had launched with the Reels, YouTube is counter-attacking today with the deployment in 2021 of the Shorts. In 2022, we will have to continue with TikTok, the Reels but also seriously take an interest in the Shorts.

CRM software: how to list and manage your customers for digital marketing

On the organizational side of digital marketing, it is time to put an end to Excel tables or Sheets. These are extremely complicated to configure for the management of customers and project progress: the same for their updates. To overcome this, there is specialized software, called CRM, to manage customer relations, such as HubSpot CRM. Progress of projects, invoicing, contact reminders, agenda, etc. everything goes to have an efficient organization and have all the information at a glance.

SEO: towards an algorithm that values ​​quality content

Algorithms for ranking search results are becoming ever more sophisticated; Finished the little tricks to go up in the ranking. Today and will be even more the case in the future, indexing robots (especially from Google) will bring up results that bring value to readers, that allow them to find what they have been looking for. Indeed, it is in the interest of search engines to provide answers to Internet users’ questions. As for websites, they will have to continue to produce quality content to stay in the top positions.