HOW TO CREATE AN ERGONOMIC SITE DESIGNED FOR SEO? For a website to appeal to visitors, it must not only be beautiful. Users must be able to access and consult it easily. You need to make them want to come back more often. But how to achieve these essential ergonomics to optimize the performance and traffic of your site?

Website creation: setting up an effective digital strategy

The implementation of an effective digital strategy is a crucial step in adapting your website to your visitor so that they can identify with it.  But before achieving this result, you must consider the objectives you want to achieve. This situation will promote competition.

Website: using benchmarking

Several elements must be taken into consideration. Benchmarking is one of them.  It allows you to adopt the best strategies that will improve your results, but also the functioning of the company.

Analyze the conversion funnel

Funnel analysis is also an essential step because you need to make people who come to your site buy your products or services. It is therefore imperative that when they are directed to the purchase pages of your website, they make up their mind to buy. But this requires identification of their entry point if it is not at the level of the product pages. This can be the landing page or another entry point, but each page and each article must demonstrate real editorial quality in their content.

Set up a responsive design site

But the ergonomics of your site requires a site in responsive design that your prospects can consult on different media (mobiles, tablets or desktop computers). It is also essential that these customers can find their way around the site quickly. The structural organization of the site, therefore, plays an important role.