HOW TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE APPEAR ON GOOGLE? With over 90% market share, Google is the preferred digital acquisition channel for businesses today. They capitalize most of their actions there in order to position themselves. However, Google positioning is not automatically acquired. And it may happen that your site disappears from Google, even though you have taken the necessary actions for its positioning. In this case, how to make your website appear on Google?

Identify the reasons why your site is not appearing on Google

To treat a problem, you have to identify its causes. In the specific case of your site, several reasons can justify the fact that it does not appear on Google. For example, if your site is not listed in the search engine index, it will not appear in search results. This is usually the case when your site has only recently gone live.

In any case, you can reposition your site on Google. In this sense, refer to a specialized site that does SEO monitoring and offers via its blog relevant articles and tips to optimize the organic referencing of your site. By consulting this type of platform, you will be up to date with current SEO techniques that guarantee the durability of your site on Google. We can already give you an idea of ​​some of these tricks.

Check the indexing of your site

Before taking any action, it is advisable to make sure that your site is indeed not in the Google index. Indeed, the fact that your site does not appear in Google does not necessarily mean that you have used the NO INDEX directive. It could just be bad positioning. So work on your SEO so that your site progresses.

There are several options to check whether or not your site is indexed in Google. The easiest approach is to type in your Google search bar If all the pages of your site appear following the request, your site is well indexed in Google. Otherwise, the search engine notifies you that it has not indexed your site. In this case, you can force the indexing of the site using Google Search Console.

In addition, you can also:

  • check the presence of the Disallow directive in your robots.txt file,
  • analyze log files,
  • check in your .htaccess file if access to a section of the site is not conditional on entering a password.

Technically optimize your site and integrate quality content

Optimizing the technique of your site amounts to doing on-site referencing, that is to say, performing optimizations directly applicable to the site. This will help you identify areas for improvement. Generally, on-site optimization takes into account web design, internal linking, technical optimizations, loading speed, etc.

In addition, you must integrate quality content into your site to hope to see it in a good position on Google. Content quality is an SEO metric that speaks for itself. Quality content is primarily written for Internet users and for Google robots. It brings added value to readers, as much as it is fluid and sparingly integrates relevant keywords. Without spelling and grammatical errors, it is exhaustive and unique. It does not allow syntax errors.

Do netlinking

Netlinking is one of the 3 pillars of SEO. This approach, based essentially on backlinks, makes it possible to confer online popularity on your site, and therefore to better position it on Google. Backlinks are links that are found on other sites, and which refer to yours.

In this case, you must bet on well-optimized backlinks, from serious sites and dealing with themes similar to yours.

Netlinking is a work of great delicacy. It is advisable to entrust it to a specialized agency with many good partner sites.