Is eco-responsible use of the web possible?

Here are 15 best practices to reduce the weight of your digital uses:


  1. Limit the sharing of heavy files, such as repeated selfies or videos;
  2. Clean your online storage spaces, such as your cloud, your webmail folders, your browsing history or the number of cookies;
  3. Disable as many notifications as possible;
  4. Limit your screen time, on computer and smartphone;
  5. Delete unused applications;
  6. Entering an internet address rather than “searching” for it: it’s 75% less energy impact;
  7. Favor eco-responsible players, such as Ecosia, Lilo, Ecomail or Posteo;
  8. Avoid opening 20 internet tabs;
  9. Evaluate the usefulness, urgency and number of recipients of your messages to limit the number of messages sent;
  10. Unsubscribe from unread newsletters;
  11. Download rather than stream, video of course, but also podcasts and music;
  12. Adapt the video resolution to the viewing screen, for example by opting for low definition on a smartphone;
  13. Disable video autoplay;
  14. Switch to airplane mode when you are not using your devices;
  15. Maintaining, repairing and recycling its equipment, which alone represents 50% of greenhouse gas emissions… much more than their use or web applications.