WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION: WHAT ARE THE MISSIONS OF AN SEO CONSULTANT? The Internet is now the best showcase for all companies, whatever their fields of activity. Everything is sold there and everything is bought there. However, the web is a very competitive market where you have to position yourself well to be able to do well. This requires effective techniques for the optimization and visibility of websites. We are talking about SEO. With this in mind, we need the skills and knowledge of an expert in the field: this is in particular the SEO consultant. What is an SEO consultant? What are the duties of this professional? We invite you to discover everything in this article.

Definition of the SEO consultant

Before defining the SEO consultant, let’s first see what is meant by SEO. Translated into English by Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the set of techniques used to position a website well among the first results provided by search engines, in particular Google. Thus, the SEO consultant is the expert who applies these different SEO techniques to give visibility to websites.

The missions of the SEO consultant

When you hire an SEO consultant to optimize a website, they follow very specific steps to succeed in their work. This first step is actually to carry out an in-depth analysis of the site. This aims to determine the blocking factors to the good referencing of your website or your blog.

Subsequently, the SEO consultant monitors and evaluates the impact of the actions carried out by his client and gives him other recommendations over time, depending on the evolution of the site’s positions in the search engines. It also implements its own recommendations. These are very generally the optimizations of existing web content, such as the writing of relevant titles and semantic enrichment (choice of the right keywords for example).

Finally, the last actions concern the technical SEO aspects. They are likely to facilitate indexing by engine robots. This is particularly important for very large sites.

The SEO consultant works with you for you

The prerogatives of a web referencing consultant often go far beyond SEO recommendations. He is frequently required to train internal teams in the field of webmarketing so that they integrate best practices. It is therefore an opportunity for you as a company to allow your team to benefit from the skills and knowledge of this professional.