Why is it so important to properly reference your website?

6 months that your e-commerce site is online, but it still does not generate traffic? It is most certainly because you have not taken care to deploy the right natural referencing (SEO) strategy. To remain visible on Google, appear in the first position in search results (SERPs) and boost traffic to your website, SEO is the web marketing lever par excellence.

Naturally generate qualitative traffic

By relying on an effective SEO strategy, you will naturally generate traffic and obtain qualified visitors. This asset will allow you to sustainably improve your sales, increase your turnover and benefit from better profitability thanks to SEO.
Natural referencing is a web marketing strategy that will allow you to boost your traffic for a long time. In addition and in order to obtain better targeted traffic, you can also obtain paid links thanks to SEA referencing.

Improve your ranking on Google

Working on your SEO referencing is the guarantee of gaining positioning in Google. In addition to increasing your notoriety, you will benefit from increasing your visibility. With qualitative traffic, you can more easily acquire many prospects in order to turn them into customers.
On Google, 75.1% of Internet users naturally click on the first 3 links in the SERPs. The first organic link enjoys an average click-through rate of 31.7%. It is therefore crucial for your site to appear in the top results of Google.

Become known locally and increase sales

With natural referencing, you de facto improve your local referencing. The latter allows you to gain visibility within your city, your department and/or your region on localized requests.
“Hairdresser in Paris”, “car rental in Lyon” or even “bakery in Marseille”, are so many queries that Internet users use to find a service near their location. Boosting your local SEO will allow you to boost your visibility and better face the competition.