What are Pensive Blogs? Write for us paid guest posting.

What are Pensive Blogs? Write for us paid guest posting. We do not review new applications at the moment because of our article backlog. Paid guest posting Applications submitted will be kept in the database and read as more articles become needed. Are looking for skilled video tutorial creators. If you are interested, add “Video tutorial” in your subject line, and provide examples from your creations.

Hey there!

Are you an Ruby, PHP, or Python developer?
Do you enjoy writing lengthy blog posts, but you hate to promote them?
Do you long to write more often but have you stopped because it’s not enough to pay the costs?
you think you’d like to have an excuse to dive into a fascinating area and present what you know to everyone else?

…then we have a deal for you!

We’re seeking some developers who’d like to write articles for us. We’ll pay for guest posting and will ensure that your posts appear professional and are able to reach the right people.

This isn’t some bogus content farm BS. We’re looking to establish long-term relationships with authors that are passionate about their subject and what they write about.

We are also trying to motivate those from minorities to apply.

Who should not apply

This could not be the best opportunity for you if

You don’t have any prior experience making use of Ruby, PHP, or Python at an advanced level
You can’t accept payment via PayPal
You’re not able to write in a way that is independent using your own experience and research.

What are Pensive Blogs?

Pensive Blogs is an error-monitoring company. Our goal is to assist developers to discover and fix bugs more quickly. We’ve always been interested in writing blog posts of high quality. They’re the ones that go beyond the surface of technology to show you how it really operates.

Since when you’re fighting an incredibly tough bug, it’s hard to beat a comprehensive understanding of the technology that is behind it.

What do we want to find?

The company would like to develop relationships with authors who are passionate about explaining the workings of things and making complicated topics understandable for novices.


Our target audience includes Ruby/Rails, PHP, and Python developers. Although our audience is involved in some front-end work, they tend to lean towards the back-end.

The level of skill ranges from basic to advanced. One of our goals is to build people up and assist them in achieving the requirements of the material. Even with more complex topics, we take the time to provide the basics in order so that people can understand.


The pattern that we like to employ to create interesting topics is to use [big issue] that is for the [platform]. Where:

[big issue] is something an engineer might need to be aware of right now to be able to perform their job. examples: DynamoDB, memoization, OAuth.
[platform] could be the name of a particular one of the languages (Ruby, PHP, JS) or a framework that is popular using one of these languages (Rails, Laravel, Node, etc.)

Here are a few examples:

What is the way AWS’s Elastic Beanstalk work, and how do you utilize it to build a Rails application?
What is Unicode exactly and how can you use the ruby language?
Everything you should be aware of about caches in Laravel.

We offer a friendly process for writing for developers.

Articles are markdown documents. We’ll offer a GitHub repo to make use of.
Edits and reviews are handled through GitHub Issues and Pull Requests.
We have good documentation written for each step of the process: submitting an idea, asking for a review, etc.
There aren’t any strict word-specific requirements (2000 is the average)
No deadlines. You work at your own pace.

We will pay $500 paid guest posting, typically within a week after accepting your final editing.

We accept only payments through PayPal. We’ll need your PayPal ID on file prior to when we will accept any article proposal.

How do I apply

Visit the blog to see the different kinds of technical articles we share.

After that, email us using the following details:

A short cover letter that says hello, and outlines what kind of topics you’d like to discuss in writing.
Two pieces on some aspect of app development that you’ve written you are proud of. Blog posts that link to your blog are acceptable.

When reading the examples we will be searching for:

The author have the ability to make complex concepts appear easy?
Does the language use sound in a clear and concise manner?
Does the style of writing seem comfortable? It’s like something I’d want to take my time reading.

If it seems like you’re a great match We’ll schedule a phone call to discuss how we can collaborate.


Give us up to one week to respond to your first email.
Do not contact anyone through other channels than email.

Thank you that you took the time to go through this. We’re looking forward to getting in touch with you!