Why choose custom development for a website?

Why choose custom development for a website? The digital strategy of a company must today be one of the main axes of its development. The exponential growth of e-commerce has indeed caused an upheaval in marketing practices, which can no longer do without a digital vision of entrepreneurship.

An adapted design thanks to tailor-made development for a website

Creating a website is now within everyone’s reach thanks to well-known CMS, such as WordPress for example. However, it must be understood that these supports for independent creation only offer an intermediate quality in terms of design or technical optimization.

The user experience is an essential criterion to convince your visitors

Tailor-made development for a website also improves the experience of the user of the site. The skills of Génération Internet, a web agency in Nantes specializing in digital, facilitate the personalization of the acquisition strategy.

The Génération Internet agency is also able to improve your visibility, in particular by creating a responsive website.

Optimized SEO referencing to extend your reputation

The loading time of your website pages is also an essential aspect of the user experience. This is the last key point that argues in favor of custom development for a website.