Google Ads is an excellent tool for businesses to reach any audience using google to search for information, products, or even services online. Used properly, Google Ads can help you get a lot of visits from people who are looking for exactly what you are offering. Established a Google Ads paid search campaign to develop your business has even become essential in 2021! Why?

Quite simply because Google is the first search engine consulted! It also has the great advantage of offering very good visibility and this very quickly! But these are not its only advantages, and this is what we are going to list for you in this article.

What are the main advantages of Google Ads?

As explained above, Google is the essential search engine for online advertising in this year 2021. Building a solid reputation in recent years, Google has become the preferred search engine on the Web but also for advertising.

With 70% of the market share internationally and 95% in France, Google is the reference in terms of advertisers and Internet users. However, knowing how to position yourself on Google is not easy. We must not overlook the fact that good referencing remains the result of specialist work.

Good visibility quickly

Indeed, a good SEO referencing requires rigorous work.

Knowing how to work well with tags, adding fresh and unique content daily is a long-term job that requires a lot of time. Generally it is easier to call on a referrer or an SEO agency. If you want to gain visibility quickly, it will be more relevant to use SEA.

Google Ads, a very targeted tool

The seductive secret of Google Ads is that it is able to help you make targeted ads for your website. Indeed, following keyword research work, Google ads will help you target the most relevant queries but also the keywords and key phrases on which your business should focus.

Targeting can also be done based on geographic location. If you want to reference your business locally, it will be preferable to use this targeting to be able to control your budget intelligently. It is also possible to choose the hours and days of broadcast in order to potentially reach a specific clientele.

Remarketing and targeting similar audiences

Google Ads also offers you a very effective remarketing technique. This is a digital strategy that consists of showing your ad only to certain users who have visited your site before.

Optimization and A/B testing

Google Ads is great for testing ads. A tip: broadcast several ads by modifying only the title and the description.

This will make it easier to control your budget and increase your ROI thanks to all the performance indicators. If your ad is not relevant, it is most likely a bad bid or bad ad group construction.

Campaigns for special occasions


It allows you to better measure the quality of your ads and assess the real impact in just a few clicks. It is a significant asset in your marketing strategy to determine whether advertising investments are profitable. If you want to generate traffic or conversion, using the Google Ads advertising network can be an excellent opportunity in 2021.

Indeed, Google Ads is and will remain a very powerful tool that offers a very large number of features.