COMPANY: WHY TURN TO OFFICE RENTAL IN LILLE? When you want to open a business, it is usually difficult to choose the city in which the premises of your office will be installed. European metropolis and business center, Lille is the ideal city to set up an office. Indeed, this dynamic city whose economic development continues to grow brings together several advantages. Find below the good reasons why you should opt for office rental in Lille.

Save on the cost of real estate rental

While the cost of real estate continues to climb in major French cities, Lille offers you an interesting alternative. Indeed, the prices of offices are competitive and the possibilities of the establishment are numerous.

Moreover, by renting offices in Lille, you make the choice of living comfortably at a lower cost. By setting up your business premises in this city, you will have the impression of saving money every month. The rent is very moderate and the cost of the city is really affordable. In addition, given that the Lille basin is dynamic, several companies have set up their offices there. This could bring you opportunities for collaborations and synergies. Want an office to rent in Lille, Roubaix or Villeneuve d’Ascq? Contact Arrow Immobilier!

Setting up offices in a booming city

For several years, the Lille metropolitan area has been doing everything possible to develop its centers of excellence such as EuraTechnologies or Eurasanté. It thus has control over the information and communication technologies market. In addition to this, the metropolis also has a monopoly on the health market and the research market.

In addition, Lille is the business center for prestigious companies. Offering both personal offices and coworking offices, it has long hosted a large number of companies recognized both nationally and internationally. Among the companies that have set up their premises in the business districts of Lille are Auchan, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, and others.

Develop your business in a city with a good geographical location

It is recommended to turn to office rental in Lille because this city has a good geographical location. Located in the heart of Europe and 80 minutes from Paris, Brussels, and London, every year it attracts companies wishing to develop their activity on the continent.

On the maritime side, Lille is the 3rd river port in France. It also has a dynamic airport that connects it to several other countries and cities on the continent. Lille is therefore a dream location for entrepreneurs from all walks of life.