SEO: NATURAL REFERENCING AT THE SERVICE OF RESTAURANTS. Today, new technologies have led to a change in the eating behavior of consumers. Indeed, more and more people rely on information on the Internet to identify a restaurant to eat.  How to proceed to reference your restaurant?

How to properly reference a restaurant on Google?

Referencing your restaurant means that it becomes visible when the name of your restaurant is typed on Google or when Internet users do certain searches relating to the restaurant. Several steps are necessary to achieve this result. Go to if you want to be accompanied by an SEO agency.

In your content, you can tell how your restaurant was born, highlight your menu and the dishes offered and even share your news in a blog. Work on your keywords as well as your local keywords and use quality, compressed and well-referenced images.

To reference your establishment, you must also insert a Google map into your site to facilitate its location, create a contact page with the possibility of booking online. Consider giving your site visitors an optimal user experience with UI and UX design. Do not forget to have each of your web pages indexed by Google robots. Specialized in referencing, Fast Referencing provides its customers with inexpensive referencing services.

Local SEO as an ally of your visibility


The creation of a Google Business Profile combined with content around the chosen keywords will make your establishment stand out in local results as well as in the Google Local Pack. This is explained by the fact that it is the content of the Google Business Profile sheet that helps you to go up in the ranking of the results pages.

Social networks: significant advantages of SEO

Although they are marketing communication tools, social networks are nonetheless valuable assets for gaining visibility. Indeed, your accounts and publications can be visible from Google. By typing in the name of your restaurant, the query results will also include links to your social media profiles. It is therefore important to build a good reputation.