HOW TO GET KNOWN ON THE INTERNET: 4 EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES! Have you just created your own website and you don’t know what the next step is? Well after the creation comes the promotion stage, you must make your site known to everyone. Of course, this is the end goal of any business or individual with a website. After all, why create a site if nobody consults it except you?

Most people think that promoting your own website is expensive and very difficult, but that is not the case at all. In fact, it can even be done without spending a single penny with totally free techniques. Yes, it is possible and we are going to reveal 4 free ways to make yourself known on the internet.

Strategy 1: SEO and content optimization

It is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing, it is completely free and it allows you to be easily found on Google. Remember that the more easily your site is readable by search engine robots, the higher it will move up in ranking. And SEO and SEO techniques can even place it in the first page of results. Keyword research and integration, adding Alt text to your images, optimizing titles and descriptions, rules of writing, all of this will be useful to you.

Strategy 2: Use of email marketing

Email marketing is a super effective technique for attracting new customers, increasing sales, and promoting products. But above all, it helps to generate customer interest and loyalty by always keeping them up to date with the latest news. Among the different forms of email marketing, newsletters are the most effective and widespread. But for them to be really effective, the object must be intriguing, the content dynamic and the call to action very strong.

Strategy 3: Creation of a rich and quality blog

It’s official and irrevocable: blogs are absolutely awesome! By creating a blog on your site, Google positions you ideally in the ranking. And in addition, you will be classified as an expert in your field, this will increase your conversion rate in an incredible way. Writing articles allows you to improve your craft and always be aware of new trends.

Strategy 4: The Incredible Power of Social Media

Social networks are also an effective and totally free way to make yourself known on the internet. Create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, be present and active on all social networks. Publish content regularly will allow you to build an engaged community. Connect with your audience by responding to posts and comments, and sparking conversations or debates. Last but not least advice: create your own YouTube channel. Be aware that SEO on YouTube is much faster than on Google, so you must take advantage of this to get known quickly.

In short, these strategies are effective, but everything depends on the quality and originality of your work and your content. If you are already not paying a penny with these techniques, you must invest a maximum of time and effort. This advice applies to the 4 techniques mentioned in this article, so never forget it!