WHY BUILD YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY AROUND SEO? Before answering this question, you must first know what SEO is. These three letters stand for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization. Also called natural referencing, it involves all the techniques used to improve the positioning of a website on search engine results. Clearly, it allows you to have more visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Quant. Below are the benefits of ranking at the top of search results.

Be accessible to a greater number of customers via the Internet

As a reminder, its objective is to make the website appear at the top of search results. This will allow for more customer visits. The majority of companies include this first advantage of SEO in their marketing strategy. Indeed, the trend is that sites that appear in the first three pages of search results are more popular than those further back. It is a definite advantage for a company to have many visits to its official website. Hence this commercial interest in SEO. Professionals from the Maxelik SEO agency in Lisieux offer services in this direction, knowing that natural referencing is based on the functioning of the search engine.

In a way, a good ranking on Google, for example, encourages more confidence among Internet users. It is a good way for a company to become a reference, in its sphere of activity, with its customers.

Natural referencing is a strategic tool like any other

It is important to point out that there are different ways for a website to end up at the top of the rankings of search engine results. There is natural referencing, there is also SEA or Search Engine Advertising or paid referencing. This guarantees a ranking at the top of search engine results. As other means, there is also SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as well as SMO (Social Media Optimization). The latter is a branch of SEO devoted to social networks and improves positioning in search engines.

The giant Amazone, for example, relies on paid referencing to guarantee its ranking among the first three results on Google. It is the opposite for SEO which is based, rather, on the study of keywords. In addition, access to the sites is free, which is not the case for the SEA where each click is paid. However, this does not mean that a synergy between SEO and SEA is not possible.

Targeting customers or rather by customers

SEO referencing allows a site to stand out and become accessible to a particular clientele. With the help of an SEO agency, it is possible to optimize a site in order to promote the product or the activity of a company to target categories of people. Local SEO is an option to consider for this, as is net linking. This strategy uses backlinks, these hypertext links that refer to the company’s page. Its objective is to improve the popularity, referencing, and audience of a website.