How to improve the SEO of a blog dedicated to marketing for free?

How to improve the SEO of a blog dedicated to marketing for free? You know it: a big part of success on the internet depends on your SEO.
Since most of a website’s traffic comes from Google and, to a lesser extent, a few of its rivals, poor SEO dooms you to low traffic. This limits the number of prospects who discover you and makes it more difficult to convert them into customers, because of the negative “social proof” that the lack of traffic projects. Therefore, you are interested in improving your SEO by acquiring free backlinks. To do this, you can employ different strategies.

Write quality

The foundation of good SEO is first and foremost the valuable content you offer to your audience. Good content attracts free backlinks! In the era of social networks, Internet users like to share content that they find interesting and valuable. By offering it to them, you invite them to share it, and by extension: to make your blog known and improve its reputation with Google.

These backlinks that you get are essential for your SEO. When a blog or an article is eagerly shared on the web, Google gives it more visibility on the keywords and key phrases where it ranks. Your SEO improves. In addition, an exciting site also invites Internet users to stay longer and to come back regularly: two other data that Google takes into account to assess the quality of your content and whether it should (or not) offer it better visibility. And of course, good content sells! It allows you to convince your audience that you are competent in your topic.

Exchanging articles with other bloggers

As you will have understood, the quantity and quality of your backlinks are among the most important elements for its referencing. Search engines give them a lot of importance in their algorithms. Unfortunately, getting backlinks is also one of the hardest jobs in SEO. This is why some entrepreneurs are ready to invest a lot of money to acquire them.

So, if you want to get a substantial number of backlinks quickly and for free, you can connect with other bloggers. So you can exchange links to your respective sites, in the form of guest articles.
Article exchanges are a proven net linking strategy. Acquire free backlinks, it is certainly the most effective.

All you have to do is contact other bloggers of your theme and offer them this exchange. Many blogs, as long as their size is roughly similar to yours, accept. Just like you, they see an interest in it. They too can earn an extra backlink and promote their content to a targeted audience.


Finally, you can register your blog in several website directories.
Directories allow you to acquire some additional backlinks. Sometimes the ranking on the engines is played out in this kind of detail. In the end, you could have several hundred more Internet users each month if your link appears one or two places higher in Google results. It is not negligible. And since the operation is completely free, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.