How to install a WordPress plugin?

How to install a WordPress plugin. For someone who has never learned to code or who has no experience in creating web pages, the world of the web can quickly become complicated and discouraging. This article will allow you to carry out a simple website creation with WordPress without using a web developer. We will see above all how and why plugins are the key to success.

WordPress plugins and the art of website creation

Plugins are modules or extensions installed in the WordPress content management system to increase the capabilities of your website. They add features, usability, tools, and more to your site that doesn’t normally come with your WordPress theme.

Plugins help add functionality where you would have had to rebuild the whole site if you missed something.

They can turn a normal website into an online store in just a few minutes. You can also help improve your SEO on your site, add a photo gallery, forum, and just about everything else!

How to install a plugin ?

To install a WordPress plugin, go to the “Plugin” section of the Dashboard menu, then select “Add New”. Then type your search term in the search box at the top right.

You can click on “More Details” to see more information about any plugin. Make sure the plugin is compatible with your current version of WordPress.

Also, be sure to read the documentation before installing any new plugins. To install, simply click “Install Now” and then “activate” the plugin.

If you downloaded a WordPress plugin from somewhere, you can download the .zip file and install it directly from the WordPress dashboard.

=> Then click on “Upload Plugin” and browse your drive to find the .zip file.

At the moment, WordPress only accepts the .zip format for downloading WordPress plugins and themes.

There are over 30,000 plugins available, so be sure to read reviews about them to make the right choice. User reviews can be very helpful to you in this regard.

What are the most useful WordPress plugins?

As there are many different WordPress plugins, here are some free plugins that will be of great help to you in creating a professional website:

  • Yoast SEO: If you are planning to ensure your new website is set up to succeed with organic traffic from Google, this is an essential plugin. It is also easy to format the images and text used when your web pages are also shared on social networks.
  • Google Created Site Kit: It allows you to access Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, and PageSpeed ​​Insights information from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Contact Form 7: This is one of the most popular and oldest WordPress contact form plugins. With it, you can create and manage multiple contact forms and easily customize form fields
  • Imagify: Imagify automatically replaces images with an optimized image. This plugin speeds up the loading time of a WordPress site, which is a significant SEO factor. The backup option allows you to keep the original images and restore them with one click.

Admittedly, creating a website can be daunting, especially for someone who has never ventured into the online world, but when you get into it, you’ll quickly see that it really is quite simple.

If you don’t want to get into self-hosted WordPress website building, you can sign up at This is the free version of WordPress where you can get your site up and running in no time at no cost.

In short, if you just need a no-frills website, might be an option for you.