HOW TO MAINTAIN AND DEVELOP YOUR CLIENT RELATIONSHIP? More than winning new customers, it is maintaining a good customer relationship that is essential for a company. This goes through various actions and processes precisely put in place in this direction on a daily basis. So what is the customer relationship? How do maintain the customer relationship? What are the ways to manage your customers well?

What is the customer relationship?

Before answering the question: how to maintain and develop your customer relationship, it is necessary to define what the customer relationship is.

The customer relationship is the relationship between a company and one of its customers. It is based on a whole set of exchanges between them through a set of communication channels. In other words, in the same way that we talk about a relationship that unites two people, the customer relationship unites the company to its customer. The objective of a company is of course to maintain a good customer relationship with all of its customers, hence the interest in maintaining the customer relationship.

How do maintain the customer relationship?

Now that we have defined “what is the customer relationship?  Managing customers requires the implementation of several actions aimed precisely at improving the quality of customer relations.

Know each customer perfectly thanks to a CRM

Maintaining the customer relationship requires perfect knowledge of each member of a company’s customers. Based on his knowledge, we will be able to fully personalize the care of each client in order to improve the quality of the relationship. It is of course not possible to retain so much information, which is why one can resort to an open-source CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool designed to maintain customer relations. In particular, it makes it possible to record a certain amount of data concerning each customer, but also to keep traces of exchanges (e-mail, calls, SMS, etc.). As soon as a member of the company comes into contact with a customer, he can therefore access the entire history of his relationship with the company to adapt the discourse. The fact that the software is open source allows you to customize it even more according to your needs.

Open source CRM is therefore an essential tool when you want to maintain customer relations.

Take feedback into account

Another essential point to improve and maintain the customer relationship: feedback. Feedbacks are testimonials and feedback that can be made by the customer spontaneously or by being solicited.

Automate certain tasks to enhance those with high added value

Maintaining a good customer relationship is also based on certain strategic choices. We can completely consider automating certain tasks to devote ourselves to those with greater added value.