GAIN VISIBILITY ON YOUTUBE THANKS TO ADS MUSIC. Whether you are new to the musical world or not, you need visibility. Currently, social networks have become a real springboard for artists wishing to find a place in the musical universe. However, not everyone can win a place on Youtube, Spotify, or Instagram. Thanks to Ads Music, it is possible to achieve guaranteed results with advertising. Find out how!

A team of SEO experts

The main advantage of using Ads Music is that you entrust yourself to a team of SEO experts in advertising on Youtube. These professionals have made their know-how available to people who have called on the agency’s service since 2016. Thanks to their years of experience, the professionals who made up the Ads Music team are able to meet to even the most complex requests.

A tailor-made solution

Whatever your goal, Ads Music has a solution designed just for you! Indeed, you can choose from the services that the agency offers to gain visibility and build a certain reputation at the start of your career. Whether on Youtube, Instagram or Spotify, you will have the choice of the channel on which you want to position yourself. If, on the other hand, you wish to be present on all of these social networks, the agency will take care of supporting you to achieve this.

Ads, a serious and certified Google Ads Partner agency

Contrary to what we can see in the music marketing market today, Ads Music is the only agency to guarantee you visibility results. Why? A perfect mastery of the Google Ads tool, a very precise configuration of your campaigns by targeting the appropriate audience according to your music. Setting up and optimizing a campaign is an ultimate communication weapon when using the Google Ads advertising platform.

Why not let Google Ads experts in order to obtain results on your Youtube clip? certification.

An unbeatable price

If you set up your Youtube campaign yourself from your Google Ads account, you will get a minimum price (CPV) of €0.01 per view, with Ads Music you will get a minimum price of €0.0099 up to €0.0078 per view while reaping superior results to doing it yourself.

If you want to promote a single on Youtube but you don’t know how to set up Google Ads effectively, Ads Music does it for you from its advertising account. What’s more, this action will allow you to easily gain interaction and engagement on Youtube. It is possible to configure according to the criterion of your choice.

All you have to do is choose the setting option, whether it is the country authorized for the broadcast, the age, the community or even the centers of interest. Thanks to this, you will have no trouble reaching your target in an effective and relevant way. By using Ads Music you will have peace of mind about promoting your album or simply a new opus on Youtube!