How to make a quote for creating a professional website?

How to make a quote for creating a professional website. Choosing the right service provider to create your professional website is a task that can be quite complicated, especially when it comes to your first web project. Indeed, there is a strong asymmetry of information and it is never easy to see more clearly through the jargon speech of merchant sites and different web agencies.

The estimate is one of the important elements on which you must base your judgment. But how to decipher and analyze an estimate without getting lost in the technical details? What should this quote contain? How much does it cost to create a professional website? Answers in our article.

What is the average cost to create a professional website?

Depending on the type of websites to be created, the budget that must be provided varies. To put it simply, you have two solutions to create a professional website:

  • The use of software specialized in the creation of professional websites, such as Jimdo or Wix;
  • call on a freelancer, a service provider, or a digital agency and entrust them with your project.

Whatever the solution was chosen for the creation of your professional website, the costs will certainly vary.

  • For a retina and responsive website created using a PREMIUM Template, you will need to plan around 2,500 euros excluding tax

To give you a concrete example and to clearly detail these prices, the creation of a professional website includes several options and basic characteristics, such as:

  • Domain name and hosting;
  • at least one personalized email address;
  • at least a contact page, a home page, a page detailing your offer, a page presenting your company, a page containing your confidential
  • information, a page for your various legal notices, etc.
  • access to your administrative content (images and texts).

What should the estimate for the creation of a professional website contain?

When you ask the web agency that will create your professional website to give you an estimate so that you can know the price of such a service, you must find all the steps related to the creation of your website. For example, to create a showcase site with a precise design, all the information related to the steps carried out must imperatively be found in the estimate:

  • The modeling stage (the creation of models with Photoshop and UI design);
  • the development of options and all the characteristics of your website;
  • the front-end integration stage, i.e. the conversion of models into web pages;
  • inserting content (texts and images).

What to remember about the estimate for the creation of a professional website

The budget for the creation of a professional website varies according to the size and complexity of the functional scope. To get a good return on investment, adopt the following methodology:

  • Establish your business objectives;
  • convert them into features and needs;
  • classify them into two categories: important and secondary;
  • request quotes with options for secondary purposes
  • choose the solution that will allow you to achieve your objectives;

How to choose the web agency for the creation of your website?

Obviously, the quote is an important step for your site project, but the choice of web agencies is just as important. So how should you select them to be able to compare?

  • The skills of the web agency: You can look at the year of creation of the box, as well as the references displayed, like expert professionals in the WordPress & Woocommerce CMS.
  • The services offered: whether you need to create a showcase site or a merchant site, the agency must meet your needs. If the basis is natural referencing and SEO or SEA support, you may also need support in all design phases, from the semantic audit to subsequent maintenance with plugin updates. It’s up to you to see with them what you need.
  • The availability of professionals: you must be able to obtain the answer to your questions easily and quickly if necessary. The realization of the estimate is a good way to have an overview of the matter.