How website hosting works

Since the evolution of technology, several techniques have emerged, including the storage of web information by hosts. These practices have developed over time and today we have several types of website hosting. However, web hosting remains a mystery for many people despite its importance. Learn more about this technology and how it works here.

What is it when we talk about website hosting?

Website hosting is a service guaranteed by a server owner. It is called a web host and it has the ability to keep the information produced by your website. This computer system keeps and re-translates computer data.
Web hosting allows a good transmission of information with the support of search engines.
So you, and any user will have access to your website data at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you click on a link to one of your website pages, or if a user sends a request to the server, your website page will be displayed. All these thanks to your web hosting.

The different forms of web hosting

To ensure good service and satisfy everyone, there are several forms of web hosting. They are categorized according to their efficiency and function.

VPS hosting

Known as a Virtual Private Server, this type of hosting is very popular. It restricts the sharing of Stocks on the same computer system. Thus, it is limited to 20 websites per server.

This makes it the web hosting with the best offers for accessibility, as well as for data security. Websites with this form of hosting have very sophisticated and powerful routing.

cloud hosting

It comes after VPS hosting. Therefore, its efficiency is higher. In addition, its level of data security maintenance is high.

Shared hosting

It is one of the most common forms used by many users. Very popular for its very affordable price to put its website online. While having very good performance, it is perfect to start your experience on the web.

Although this type of hosting consists of having several websites hosted on the same server, sharing the bandwidth and hardware resources of the same system. With this type of storage, you have very powerful and advanced computer systems. They are perfect for personal or business sites in particular.

How does website hosting work?

In addition to web storage space for your web hosting, you can have CMS such as WordPress, or professional email services.

Depending on the web hosting chosen, you benefit from maintenance of your website, backups of your data, or automatic updates of security protocols. They also offer you other free or paid options such as antivirus and antispam.