Quality content: why is it so important for website SEO?

The goal of natural referencing is to optimize a website in order to improve its visibility on search engines like Google. It relies on the textual content to achieve its objectives. Indeed, search engine algorithms consider the quality of the content of a website as an important criterion for its ranking. Details here.

How does natural referencing work?

A little reminder of what SEO is is necessary to better understand how it works. Also called natural referencing, SEO takes into account all the techniques and methods used to allow search engines to better position a website on the SERPs.
Its purpose is to make websites compliant with search engine relevance criteria. The latter, always in search of qualitative sites, will then be able to easily spot them to better position them on the requests of Internet users. Therefore, sites leading a good SEO strategy will be able to benefit from good visibility and better develop their activities.
Several parameters are taken into account as part of this strategy. Both the technical aspects of the site and the content that feeds it are concerned. These are also the most considered by Google’s algorithms to rank websites on the first search page. They are therefore very important for SEO.

What are the criteria for evaluating a quality article?

Indeed, for Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to deem it relevant, it must have quality content. These must really meet the expectations of the Internet users they are addressing. Above all, they must be:

  • Pleasant to read
  • Fluids
  • Ventilated
  • Well illustrated
  • Well structured, etc.

These include textual content, blog articles, product sheets, category page texts, etc. These articles should provide a better user experience and be interesting to the targeted readers. And this, the Google algorithms verify it based on the time that Internet users spend on your page and by considering the bounce rate of your site.

On the other hand, quality content should not only be interesting but should provide relevant information about the topic it covers. Accordingly, it must have a certain length. It must be said that search engines like Google give more credit to texts with a minimum of 500 or 600 words. That said, a text of 1000 words would compete better with a text of 500 words. However, quantity does not prevail over quality. The two combined allow for better SEO.

When it comes to quality content

vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and semantics take pride in place. In reality, a quality article must be written without fail. It must respect the written rules of the language in which it is written.

It must also include the keywords relating to the subject it deals with. An article with external links specifically links pointing to authority sites benefits from the importance of the latter with search engines.

It should be remembered that quality content is content that appeals to both humans and search engine robots.

why should you opt for quality items?

Quality articles offer many advantages. They also allow you to benefit from qualified traffic and gain notoriety in your field.

To be better positioned on the SERPs and have visibility

The main purpose of SEO is the good natural referencing of websites. And quality articles help achieve this goal. Which, in turn, allows him to have more visibility.
In addition, if the content really meets the criteria mentioned above, it will be pleasant to read. The reader will therefore spend more time on the site, read other articles, and will surely come back another time. These behaviors of Internet users allow search engine algorithms to grant more confidence to the site. Therefore, they rank it among the top results on the first search page; in other word, at the height of visibility on the Internet.

To get qualified traffic

It is clear that quality content allows you to have traffic on your website. Not just any traffic, but qualified traffic. In fact, prospects use keywords on Google. The latter takes this into account to redirect them to your site (provided that you use the same keywords on your site.). This is how they end up viewing your offers and, in some cases, placing orders.

To gain notoriety

Quality content makes it possible to have visibility and to develop activities on the Internet. If your products or services are genuine of good quality, your customers will give good reviews on your site and on other specialized platforms. Moreover, they will not hesitate to share your pages and recommend your products to those around them. This allows you to have a good e-reputation. All of this leads to more traffic.

Such traffic reinforces their logic and allows them to always position you well on the SERPs. You will then become a reference in your field because you will have thus acquired a great reputation.

Ultimately, quality content is essential for SEO.