SEO, IS A GROWTH LEVER FOR YOUR ACTIVITY. Acquiring new customers and retaining their portfolio is the main challenge facing companies today to guarantee the growth of their turnover. With more informed consumers whose consumption habits have evolved, the internet has become the best ally for companies to get by. You still need to know how to use the internet and activate the most effective levers such as natural referencing or SEO.

Definition of SEO

SEO is today one of the main levers on which to capitalize to guarantee the growth of your business. It allows you to position your site in the best results of search engines, on queries related to your field of activity. To activate the lever of natural referencing, you must request the services of an SEO agency, which will implement the necessary actions.

To rank your site at the top of Google search results, SEO relies above all on keywords specific to your sector. The idea is to create content that engages the reader while providing answers to their concerns. By ranking you in the ideal position on Google searches, the objective of SEO is to demonstrate your expertise through the strength of the editorial.

SEO in numbers

Today, companies are increasingly apprehending the opportunity of SEO. The health crisis has revealed to many of them the limits of their communication strategy and the need to initiate the digital shift. In this field, it is difficult to do without SEO.

The proof through these figures:

  • 93% of online experiences start from a search engine,
  • more than 60% of Internet users research a product or service before using a company that offers it,
  • 72% of those who do a local search (local SEO) go to the physical store closest to their location,
  • 75% of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of Google to have their concerns answered,
  • 80% of clicks on the first page are made on the first 5 results offered by the search engine,
  • 1890 words is the average of the first page of Google.

Figures, which could not be more evocative, testify to the interest you have in optimizing your SEO strategy for your website.

SEO, a guarantee of significant and qualified traffic

As we said above, Internet users are generally interested in the first 5 results that Google offers them following a query. Your objective will then be to position yourself at this level, ideally in the Top 3. With relevant content written according to Google’s rules, such positioning will guarantee you qualified traffic.

If your site is in the top 5 results, Internet users will not hesitate to consult the content of your site. If the site satisfies them, they will certainly spend more time on it, in order to visit its other pages. This will be the case for all the keywords on which you have been able to position yourself. As long as you have thought out your conversion tunnel well, your conversion rate will gradually increase. The impact on your turnover will be noticed.

SEO to perform over time

Admittedly, SEO is a lever that takes time to show its first results. Still, it’s worth it. Of all the marketing levers, it is undoubtedly one of the long-term ones.

All you need to do once the mayonnaise starts to set is to do some standby work to catch up on updates from Google. You will not lose your position, on the contrary, you will be able to improve it permanently. At the same time, update your content and update the technical aspects of your site.