SEO: Is the natural referencing of a website really natural?

SEO: Is the natural referencing of a website really natural? The world of the digital economy, now omnipresent, has profoundly changed the usual practices of companies in terms of communication and development strategy. Consumer habits have a lot to do with it, they have well-integrated the reflex of consulting their smartphone to find the product or service they are looking for. Today, any company that wants to grow its reputation must therefore use an effective digital strategy.

This of course begins with the creation and optimization of a website. It can be a merchant or a showcase depending on the objectives and the nature of the company’s activity. However, whatever its nature, it cannot save professional work on the natural referencing of a website. This can be divided into two main axes, on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Let’s take a look at the particularities of each of these branches. Details.

What is the natural referencing of a website for?

SEO for “Search Engine Optimization” is today the most effective tool available to marketers to increase the visibility of a brand on the silicone networks of the Internet. The first gateway for consumers to the products and services of today’s companies, any website must meet the requirements of search engines to benefit from an interesting ranking on their results pages.

The natural referencing of a website is indeed the basis of any brand distribution strategy on the networks. By optimizing your site by various means, you will increase your visibility, your traffic, and therefore ultimately your turnover. With the expansion of e-commerce and therefore the growing use of the smartphone as a research tool, introducing you to SEO, as offered by Orixa Media’s SEO Academy, which offers you to learn how to set up an SEO strategy, becomes essential for you to develop and succeed in your entrepreneurial project.


On-site SEO, the natural part of SEO

The natural referencing of a website begins first with its internal technical optimization. In order to promote good indexing of your site by Google and others, it is necessary to meet the requirements of crawls, these famous robots that tirelessly roam the web to rank sites according to their optimization. And to achieve this, you will have to improve both the content of your pages and their technical structure.

Off-site SEO and its links

The natural referencing of a website also includes a part called off-site SEO. This is to show the relevance, popularity, reliability but also the authority of your website. We can therefore say that off-site SEO represents in a way the credibility of your site in the eyes of search engines and to develop it, it is again advisable to enlist the services of an SEO expert.

Concretely, off-site SEO refers to a good integration of your site into the fabric of the Internet. And to optimize it, the best way is to get backlinks. By this, we mean all the links created by other sites that point to yours. You should know that here, it is not the quantity that matters but the quality. Prioritizing sites with high traffic is therefore essential. And this is where off-site SEO is not strictly speaking natural referencing, on the contrary. Indeed, unless you are lucky enough to have other sites link to your own site without compensation and on their own, which is increasingly rare, webmasters must be encouraged to make these links. And whether in the form of exchange or purchase. We then leave the natural!

We can also work on off-site SEO by obtaining mentions and votes of confidence on social networks in order to give good signals, all elements which require a good knowledge of the ropes of the web and therefore to call on trained experts and competent on the subject.