THE CORRECT USE OF ADHESIVE TAPES FOR E-COMMERCE SHIPMENTS. Attracting visitors to an online store, successfully converting them and then retaining them is far from easy for e-merchants. After meeting these challenges, they must satisfy their customers by fulfilling their orders as they should. To do this, it is necessary in particular to wrap them meticulously, and this with an appropriate adhesive tape.

The right adhesive

Types of adhesives
We first distinguish the polypropylene model with solvent glue, it is undoubtedly the most widespread on the market, and the glue with which it is equipped is not altered by temperature differences and the phenomenon of humidity. It is tear-proof and rather economical! Less efficient, its version in PVC with solvent glue ensures use at room temperature only, likewise, this tape is only recommended for the packaging of packages whose weight does not exceed 30 kilos. If you want to prepare packages made of recycled cardboard or other packaging materials, the characteristics of polypropylene adhesive tape with acrylic glue may hold your attention. This type of tape frequently used to close boxes is resistant to UV rays and temperature variations, it is recommended for medium and heavy loads. To efficiently transport large parcels, there is finally polypropylene adhesive tape with water-based hot-melt glue, which has the advantage of resisting abrasion. A roll of this nature is bound to arouse the curiosity of the most environmentally conscious merchant site owners.

The main characteristics to study

Likely to be exposed to rain and significant temperature variations, your packaging must be associated with tapes whose resistance cannot be disputed. It is also up to you to set your sights on a tape whose glue is distinguished by its good adhesion capacity. The color of the adhesive and its dimensions are also among the criteria that most often matter to sellers on the web.

Good management of ribbons

Be careful how you store your tapes covered with an adhesive substance. Ideally, store them in a desk or cupboard, and absolutely avoid exposing them to light. Do you have boxes that house multiple rolls? Do not remove the silicone paper that preserves them from each other, so they will not risk clumping together. In addition, be aware that adhesive tape can be kept on average for a year. Beyond that, the glue is likely to crumble. Look for the production date on the batch number when you buy them or before profiting from them.

Finalize your e-commerce packaging

To quickly complete the packaging of the e-commerce products you promote and distribute, it is in your best interest to follow a proven closing methodology. You do not master their implementation? We enlighten you on this subject!

First of all, there is the U-shaped closure, recommended for the delivery of light or heavier packages, the transport of which is quite long. It is concretely a question of applying it over the entire length, on the top and bottom of the container, overflowing on the adjacent side. When you want to deliver light boxes, you can simply place adhesive on each end of the box, where the flaps meet and overflow on the side, this is the L-closure technique. The combined closure L-shape and U-shape is suitable for shipping heavy products that need to travel long distances. This involves crossing the tape across the length and width of the ends of the box. Would you like to opt for the most secure closure? Use adhesive tape along the entire length of the cardboard at the top and bottom, without hiding to put it on the width and on the four ends of the cardboard.

Finally, selecting the proper adhesive tape is necessary but not necessarily sufficient. Use it sparingly, you must not make the opening operation too difficult for its recipient.