The interest of doing an SEO analysis of your website

The interest in doing an SEO analysis of your website more than 90% of clicks on search engines are made on the first page of results. Website owners, therefore, have every interest in positioning themselves among the results of the first page in the hope of obtaining leads. Knowing that this same 90 % are almost entirely distributed over the first 3 results displayed on the first page of search engines. Thus, doing an SEO audit of your website is essential. Indeed, SEO analysis is a strategy to know the improvements to be made on the latter to allow it to go up in the search results. Let’s find out more about the SEO audit.

The SEO audit in a nutshell

The SEO audit or analysis is a procedure to determine the overall state of a website. This website analysis traces the life cycle of the site as well as the positive and negative points observed at the time of the analysis. The analysis then relates to various information such as backlinks, meta description tags, page loading time, your current referencing, your presence on social networks, your keywords, etc. That is a whole set of determining elements for the natural referencing of your website.

The 3 main axes of an SEO analysis


  • the technique used for the design of the site such as internal linking, site design, and 404 errors;
  • content including editorial quality, the relevance of information, format, and quality of images or meta descriptions;
  • off-site SEO based on the site’s reputation on social media.

The challenges of a website SEO analysis

Here are the main issues of SEO analysis.

Better SEO

Only an SEO audit can determine the performance flaws at the origin of the poor positioning of a website in the search results. A well referenced site enjoys better indexing. The bugs encountered on a website are visible during an SEO audit. It is the resolution of this type of problem that improves the quality of the site with search engines.

More traffic

A site displaying bugs will see its traffic drop. Performing an SEO analysis helps to remedy this in order to increase site traffic. Having traffic is important for successfully selling products and services. It is also essential to obtain a correct ROI, or return on investment. In addition, traffic helps to strengthen the relevance of a site and therefore its positioning in search engines.

A better notoriety

Performing a website analysis helps build a good reputation on the web and with customers or prospects. This leads to better conversion and more sales.