What is the difference between SEO and SEA?

What is the difference between SEO and SEA? The visibility of the website is the main concern of the designers. And to achieve this, SEO tools are put to use. Between SEO and SEA, the choice is made according to goodwill and aspirations.

An overview of SEO

Acronym from the English language, SEO is the set of actions and strategies that are able to prioritize the positioning of a website in the natural or organic results of search tools. Certain prerequisites are necessary for the efficient mastery of SEO. They are summed up in a trilogy.

First, know the ranking method of the engine’s algorithm. Second, have a list of keywords that will serve as a compass in the positioning of the site. You can learn more about the web agency Makeo which is one of them by going to the website of this company.

SEO levers

Search engine optimization does not work in a vacuum as one might imagine. In the execution of the missions entrusted to it, it benefits from the helping hand of a certain number of levers. They are essentially 3 in number:

  • The contents ;
  • Netlinking;
  • And technical optimization.

Google’s search engine gives credit to well-structured content with relevant answers. The insertion of links testifies to the notoriety of the website. As for technical optimization, it strives to identify and correct the failures of the site.

Brief on SEA

Search Engine Advertising is an SEO tool that focuses on creating and optimizing advertisements for a fee.

For successful SEA campaigns, it is imperative to rely on a list of keywords defined upstream. This is where SEA joins SEO. The purpose of these words comes down to the conversion generated.

The difference between SEO and SEA

SEO offers its services on a fee basis. It is quite the opposite with the SEA which works under underpaid conditions.

The SEA has the monopoly of directing users to a specific target taking into account their geographical location or center of interest. The determination and consistency of the effort in terms of content creation are the exclusive responsibility of SEO. The same is true of strengthening the confidence of Internet users and the notoriety of a trademark.