Use Simple Letters to Create Amazing Website Logos in Quick Steps

Use Simple Letters to Create Amazing Website Logos in Quick Steps. Creating logos from letters is often a great way to escape the usual old box or round badge that seems to dominate the modern corporate logo scene. But letter logos aren’t always as easy to do as they look. Everyone would like to work with simple and elegant letters like Volkswagen’s VW, but that’s rarely the case.

Logos using letters are also called letter logos. These are usually one or two letters that represent your brand and name to the world.

Make a logo with alphabet letters

These are the simplest letter logos. is usually a letter, which sometimes has other characteristics than those of a simple letter. It is almost always the first letter of a business name. It might sound a little simple, but that doesn’t take into account the countless variations you can create using different fonts, colors, and other elements.

Create one-letter logos

Single letter logos can be changed to look like an image, making them interesting on two levels, both as a letter in a unique typeface and as an image that captures the heart of your business. The hardest part here is making sure your letter design doesn’t make you lose sight of what it really is.  Another winning example that stands the test of time is to tie your simple letter into a shield or banner. This will add a very Belle Époque charm to your image, and it is one of the easiest logo styles to do.

Design two letter logos

It’s quite remarkable how adding just one letter opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your logo. Balance becomes a major issue and the possibility of designing things in two tones or two typefaces appears. Not only is there more space to work with, but you can also play with the letters in a number of ways, including having them share certain strokes to save space. They can share common straight lines horizontally or vertically to create original images and increase the available space. They share circles or curves that make them easier to fit together and let the logo draw almost on its own. Harnessing negative space to create interesting graphics inside a pair of letters is another great way to use them in harmony to create a new effect.

Jigsaw logos

Jigsaw logos, also known as mazes, can consist of any letter or combination of letters. They work to transform your letters into a series of labyrinths that will stimulate the mind to find how to escape by analyzing their functioning. The natural tendency of the human mind to want to try and solve any puzzle it encounters makes this technique one of the best ways to draw attention to your logo; the mind is almost unable to resist.