WHY CREATE A WEBSITE ? We are now in the digital age. Almost all areas can therefore be digitized. So, to stay in the competition and be on top of the trend, more and more companies, various professionals, individuals who have specific activities, associations, groups, etc. opt for the design of a website. They all want to exist on the web. But what are the benefits of having a website?

What is a website?

The website must be navigable from a web browser. The links it contains must allow you to browse the site and therefore move from one page to another. It is also possible to put links on the site that allow you to reach other websites.

A link is also called URL or web address. It is usually associated with a domain name. This can be the name of the site or the activity of the site. This can take the place of the IP address that allows access to the web server. The latter is a storage unit for all the files of the site.

What are the uses of a website?

To understand the real challenge of existing on the net, it is necessary to grasp the figures concerning the web. Worldwide, there are now more than 4 billion Internet users. These are the people who browse the internet and who do various searches there daily or occasionally, in short, who connect to the internet.

Internet penetration rates are broken down as follows:

  • 8% in Africa;
  • 12% in South Asia;
  • 78% in Western Europe with a rate that reaches more than 80% in France;
  • 81% in North America, including more than 80% for the United States and Canada.
  • 2 million queries on search engines including Google which currently holds more than 90% of the market;
  • more than 200 million e-mail messages sent;
  • over 340 new WordPress posts published;
  • and no less than 570 creations of new websites.

Investing in the creation of a website is therefore essential to reach a large number of targets. It even allows selection of targets all year round. It is an approach that all companies, regardless of their size, must integrate into their communication policy. Indeed, the Internet has become the main means of communication in the world.

In short, a website is the virtual showcase of the company. It bears its brand image.

What can you actually do with a website?

Thanks to a website, a person or any entity can make a presentation of its activities, its services and its products. It can give all the information and all the details that may be of interest to the targets. To better promote its offers, it can add elements such as videos, photos, descriptions, etc.

Thanks to the creation of a website, it can create a direct and lasting link with customers. It can even set up tools to analyze their behavior, to sound out their opinions and to know their various habits in order to determine the products or services that may interest them.

In this way, the entity will have a better chance of developing its turnover. It will also be able to increase its notoriety and thus be ahead of its competitors.

She can even make an online sale and offer her contact details, prices, offers, etc. This will make it even easier to communicate with the targets.

In short, a website allows for all forms of exchanges. It allows you to communicate verbally with customers, to exchange ideas, to make sales and purchases, etc. It is also an unlimited space for presentation and information.

What to do once the site is created?

Having a website and putting it online is not enough. With the number of websites created and put on the internet every day, it has no chance of being visible if it is not worked on. Again, the web agency can do the necessary operations. She can take care of the optimization and referencing of the site.

To achieve this, it is necessary to work well on its content and to carry out a communication campaign by creating links. In SEO jargon, this is called netlinking. The goal is to create links that make it possible to reach the site and this, on different types of media including directories, blogs, etc. From these links, Internet users who carry out searches related to the content of the site may end up landing there.

It is also necessary to feed the site from time to time to ensure its visibility. It is therefore important to put new content there.