WHY IS IT NOT RECOMMENDED TO CREATE YOUR WEBSITE BY YOURSELF? When you decide to start your business, there are a lot of aspects you need to pay attention to.

An expert agency for the creation of websites

Unless you are a web developer who wants to start your own business, it will be difficult for you to improvise as a coder. The design of a site by a specialized third party such as the Link web Agency involves:

  • knowledge of programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.);
  • mastery of design techniques (UI design, UX design, etc.);
  • familiarization with hosting and domain name assignment procedures.

By trying to embark on this adventure without in-depth knowledge, you risk ending up with an unoptimized site. This means you can forget about prime search engine results rankings when it comes to SEO to drive traffic to your website. A poorly designed website from its foundations is a waste of money and time. Not to mention that this time would have been very useful for you to carry out the administrative procedures necessary to launch your activity.


The budget to plan for the creation of a website

Very often, the realization of a site can require a substantial budget to achieve the objectives you set. If it may seem high, it is also because of the customization you require to stand out from the competition.

Our advice here is to launch your business with a comprehensive and reliable strategy that makes your website effective. If you have a substantial budget, you can ask for a few more, features to differentiate your site from that of your competitors. When you first start out, you won’t have many visitors. It will then not be necessary to opt for customizations that will not be used.

You would be tempted to say that a turnkey site design offer would cost less and would not require the intervention of specialists. However, the price for the creation of a website is defined according to many factors.  An ambitious strategy requires significant work time, which will naturally increase the price of its website.