HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR WEB AGENCY FOR THE REDESIGN OF YOUR SITE? The world of the web is particularly dynamic. The average lifespan of a website is about 5 years. When working in a company or an organization that has its own site, the question of redesign is therefore a recurring subject. This project is not free of risks and it is not always easy to choose the right web agency given the large number of web solution providers on the market.  Redesign of the site: precisely define its needs

Before you even leave to study the market and the different formulas offered by service providers, you should stay focused on your needs .

Good practice is therefore to establish upstream specifications that are as precise as possible . In particular, it must mention:

  • The context of the project (if existing, its performance, its objectives, presentation of the sponsor
  • The objectives of the future site
  • If there are any, the technical constraints (choice of a CMS, a programming language, etc.)
  • If defined, the precise functionalities of the site

What is the scope of the overhaul

Among the determining points that will make it possible to target research on one type of agency rather than another, there is the scope of the project .

  • Does the redesign of the site only concern the visual aspects (graphic redesign)? In this case, a design and integration company will be suitable.
  • Should we instead carry out a complete overhaul?
  • Is it necessary to change CMS (Content Management System).
  • Should I send to reconnect the site to an ERP or CRM software?

By clarifying this scenario, it will be much easier to target web agencies that offer offers closer to the needs expressed .

What are the skills of the web agency?

A bad choice of agency can frustrate the effectiveness of a site to achieve its objectives, and those for the years to come until the next redesign. Similarly, a poorly controlled project can lead to significant cost increases.

This happens through different means.

What are the references of the agency?

Taking the example of this ESN in Paris , we see on the home page that it mentions clients for whom they have already worked.

When this information is not directly present on the agency’s website, do not hesitate to ask them directly.

Does the agency have certifications?

Many authority bodies issue certifications that show how serious or committed a company is to mastering certain subjects or skills.

We do not find examples of certifications on the mastery of certain software but also on the ability to carry out a project in accordance with deadlines.

An outsourced service

In addition to these points of information, it may be interesting to question the service provider to find out if the service is entirely provided internally or if part of it is delegated to other companies or freelancers (outsourcing) .