WHY IS E-COMMERCE IMPORTANT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH OF THE APPAREL INDUSTRY? According to statistics, the fashion industry is expected to reach a market value of over $1 trillion in 2025. Two reasons are cited for this: the first being penetration rates and the second being the influence of e -trade. How does e-commerce impact fashion segments? What is its importance within the clothing industry? We answer all your questions.

The importance of e-commerce for the garment industry

Online sales have propelled many companies to the forefront of the market. If there is one sector that has benefited from this, it is fashion. Because yes, e-commerce gives its advantages to both buyers and sellers. For example, bags and other accessories, which posted a 15.6% jump in 2018. This year again, growth is expected to be around 8.7%. In addition, we must take into account the power of personalized recommendations, which are responsible for 43% of purchasing decisions.

Online stores meet the needs of shoppers

More than just a novelty in everyday life, buying Gap women’s jeans online offers many opportunities. After purchasing, you will be able to provide feedback on your product satisfaction. In addition, you can, in turn, use these opinions to choose a service provider or product. In any case, these returns do have an impact on companies, which find themselves obliged to provide better service and quality products.

It is also necessary to mention the filtering system which is becoming more and more efficient. Virtual signs provide you with a range of filters to improve your user experience. This allows you to find a black striped shirt in no time. To date, scientists are exploring the possibility of a virtual fitting, which will certainly accelerate the movement.

How do the characteristics of an e-commerce site encourage purchase?

The characteristics of an e-commerce site can, in themselves, encourage online shopping. In general, the platform has a very elaborate design which is very pleasant to see. Added to this is the quality of service. Many retailers today are aware of the importance of the customer and are constantly improving their support. This approach is effective if you want to make them regulars on the website.

Still with this in mind, we discover many loyalty programs. This results in promotions, flash sales, but also the distribution of loyalty points. If the Internet user wishes to find out about a product or service, all he has to do is go to the live chat section. In any case, everything is almost automated and makes it easy to find one another. A few minutes are enough to validate an order.